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«There is more in it - Unlock your potential!»

Most people, companies and teams have far more ressources, skills and potential than they actually realise.

Discover your possibilities!

  • Work is theatre and business as a stage
  • Humour and playfullness as «ice-breakers» to real motivation and more creative energies.
  • Playfull change as a door-opener and a source of success
  • Leadership meets theatre ... Using humor to survive and cope

A few examples:

  • Mirror of parody / feedback-theatre
    Your weak spots as a comedy-act. Welcome to the «Changing by laughter»-laboratory. Discover, develop and rehearse new patterns of business behaviour.
  • Do-it-yourself-mirror
    Companies and teams learn to act out their new spirit of success. I am the director, you are the actors!
  • Train new marketing skills on stage
    Act out new role-models for «selling by relationship» and customer-relatedness.
  • «Manager of business entertainment» MBE ®
    A professional course in «live-qualities for training». For training specialists.
  • Team coachings
    How to realize the full potential and energies of teams and groups, empowered by a common vision.
  • Performance lecturing (Guest speaker)
    A brilliant and most entertaining mixture of business entertainment and profound new insights.
  • Humor in the workplace:
    Putting fun to work and leadership.

One partner - 3 levels of competence. Since 1988

  • Trained theater professional and successful comedian.
  • NLP-Trainer and Systemic Management Consultant.
  • 20 years marketing-manager experience with several companies (Nestlé, Unilever, Globus-Group).
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